Shaun Holloran

candidate for

Board of Education

Shaun Holloran

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I am honored to be nominated by the Newington Democratic Town Committee as a candidate for the Board of Education to help Newington continue to prepare our children for the workplaces and opportunities of tomorrow. I am proud, not only of my children’s academic accomplishments but proud to be a Newington resident who is able to have my children grow and thrive thanks to excellent work happening day in and day out in our public school system.

I have degrees in Communication and Business Administration and I have worked in Corporate Learning and Development for nearly 20 years. I am currently a Learning Consultant for one of North America’s largest sustainability companies.

Our public schools are the connective tissue of our communities and neighborhoods. We come together at town events, sporting events, community gatherings, and school functions. That is where the most honest conversations are happening and, if elected to become a member of Newington’s BOE, that is the perspective I will bring to the table.

I have been a member of the Ruth L. Chaffee PTO since 2022 and have had the privilege of working with some amazing individuals who all believe in the strength of our public school system and understand that it needs to be protected from the intensifying rhetoric happening at a national level.

Businesses are continuing to emphasize the need for employees who know how to work collaboratively with diverse groups of people, have high levels of emotional intelligence, and have the skills and experience to allow them to develop creative solutions in a rapidly changing economic landscape. We owe it to all of Newington’s kids to set them up for success.