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Matt Plourd

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Just like my dad before, I benefited from a vibrant and safe environment held together in no small part by some of the best schools in our state and some of the kindest, warmest, giving people within them. When a neighbor was in need, we would pull together, pool whatever time, energy, and resources we could, and make sure they knew they were family. At the height of COVID, grocery runs and drop offs for our seniors, zoom Thanksgivings, and socially distanced events to fight loneliness all showed us that we’re still just as resilient.

Over the past few years, though, we’ve also seen a divisive national climate trickle down. We’ve all seen and been worried by how the sheer force of politics has begun to pull us away from each other, eroding that common sense of compassion that we need and depend on, and pushing what’s truly best for our community second in line. None of us have benefited from this shift, and in the midst of all the tension and infighting, critical voices — including those of our most vulnerable residents and families, our seniors, and youth — and urgent issues of public safety & affordability, have all gotten lost. More and more, folks are looking to a mess of personal jabs and polarization and choosing to turn away from the process. As that base of community support has eroded, so has our drive to think big. It aches my heart to watch.

The most important thing I’ve learned in the years that I’ve been organizing in Newington and across our state — whether it be on gun violence, student debt, youth civic engagement, or, above all, our climate — has been that to tackle any issue, big or small, takes *all* of us to come along for the ride. I really do believe and hope, in my heart of hearts, that we can aim above the political fray and put our community’s needs first, where they belong.

That’s why I’m officially running alongside an incredibly dedicated, creative, and exciting team to represent our community and its values and needs as a member of our Town Council.

  • We’re working to bridge divides so we can all thrive together, knocking down the barriers between politics and people, and putting common sense, responsibility, and community partnership at the center of how we manage our tax dollars and enhance our town’s shared services and infrastructure.
  • Focused on tending to our immediate and most urgent needs, we’re also ready on day one to think big and bold about the kind of vibrant, livable community we all want to share, including by reimagining vacant buildings to expand our tax base without sacrificing more of our open space.
  • Standing with our remarkable teachers and school staff, we’re committed to fully funding our public schools and ensuring the resources necessary to keep them welcoming and safe environments for our students.

And we’re a team dedicated to uplifting and bringing new voices to the table throughout our community, fostering civic involvement in the future of our town not for the sake of one election or campaign cycle, but for the long haul, so local government can serve us all just a little bit better.