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Forrest Helvie

Forrest Helvie

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Why I Am Running

I have two children in the NPS system, and both my wife and I are long-time educators. We believe in ensuring all students have access to a quality public education that encourages their mental, emotional, and academic growth. As an educator, I believe there are multiple paths for students to pursue after high school: college, technical or trade school, direct entry to the work force, or enlistment into military service.

I believe in service. I am an army combat veteran, and after my military service, I began my career in teaching. I also volunteer regularly as a Cub Scout leader and support our local troop as well. I am involved in my church and help with local organizations like Got Lunch Newington and Family Promise. Having spent over 15 years in education, I want to leverage my professional experience to continue to find ways to serve and support my community as a member of the board of education.

I will look for ways to invest wisely in our school programs that not only benefit the students but also can positively impact long-term costs such as our high school academies and pre-k programming, which serve as ways to keep students from leaving NPS and costing taxpayers more money for those outplacements.

The greatest issue continuing to face our schools is the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on student learning & socialization. We need to continue the efforts to support (SEL) social and emotional learning & development in Newington, which I’ve supported as a member of the NPS SEL and Safe School Climate committees. As someone who has been a community college educator for the past 15 years, I’ve also seen the impact on student learning and wellness coming out of the pandemic. If we don’t support our students’ holistic growth, then they will struggle when it comes to academic performance in school and achieving success after graduation.

I will also advocate for greater levels of awareness for why a high quality public school system is essential to all members of our town. To maintain and improve the quality of NPS, we need to ensure the schools are appropriately funded. Continual cutting will result in reduced quality of education. We’ve seen this with Anna Reynolds, which is only now getting the attention it deserves.

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